The drive from Zion wasn’t terribly long. It afforded us the chance to get a good breakfast and even hike a bit before leaving the park.  

We took the Emerald Pool trail, a 2.5 mile point to point trail gaining just over 300ft in elevation and climaxing with a couple small “waterfalls”, one of which filled a small pool atop this hike. 

We made it up and down in just over an hour including a brief stop at the top to take pictures.  

 Afterwards we made our way towards Vegas. It was a brief 2 and a half hours to the city, but driving on the strip, getting checked in, and parking were quite challenging to someone who had never visited the city before. Even Nicky who has been a few times had to check us in to our room while I tried to park. 

We stayed at the Luxor Hotel and Casino on the 19th floor. Luckily we were inside the pyramid itself because it afforded is an interesting look into the architecture of the hotel itself.  

 We got luggage into the room from parking, and I even had to make another trip down for things that had been forgotten. Anyone who tells you that Vegas is a dry heat is telling the truth, however that doesn’t make 102 degree temperature any more bearable. 

That night we did a little Gambling, winning most all of what we had lost back thanks to Nicky, got dinner in the hotel, and generally walked around the strip. Marveling at everything there was to see and do, I found the whole thing just a bit overwhelming.  

 Nicky and I have discussed this actually, the sensory overload piece. After more than 10 days on the road and seeing as much as we have, Vegas was just the jewel atop an already optically opulent trip. We didn’t linger to long in the Nevada heat before heading back and calling it a night. My first night in Vegas had come to a close. I didn’t do anything I regretted, I didn’t lose more money than I could afford, and no one left with any stories to be taken to their grave. I wonder, Las Vegas, did we do it wrong?