Getting our typical early start, we packed up and said our goodbyes to the campsite by 7:15am local time. 

Immediately after leaving we passed a visitor center which had coffee (very good coffee mind you, best of the trip) and pastries which we made our breakfast. We ran into a family cycling from Idaho through to Denver and remarked at how impressed we were. 

After leaving the visitor center we made one last stop to the Tetons. This remains one of my favorite views of the trip so far.  

 What followed was a fairly long drive through to Canyonlands, but an incredibly beautiful one. I’d say that the drive from Badlands in South Dakota, through the Black Hills near Mt Rushmore, through Yellowstone and on to Idaho was my favorite drive this far. That was until we hit the state of Utah.  

 The entire state is just one ancient looking western backdrop perpetually ornamented with these massive, geological specimens. 

Nothing though could really compare to our campsite. We were lucky enough to snag one of the last sites available at Elephant Campground overlooking much of the canyon.  

 The park itself is your typical massive national park in terms of size. For instance the access road before reaching a welcome sign is nearly 30 miles long. That served to provide an amazing backdrop for the sunset.

We climbed a short sandstone formation that butts up with the rear of our campsite and took in the amazing sunset that panned out before us.  

 Also remember, that we get to kick our feet out to the exact same sights the following morning. 

Once again, we leave you with the sunset.