Day 7 Began from Badlands by waking up to the sunrise through the mesh of our tent. I still can’t get over the amazing view just the normal tent sites provided. Little protection from the sun, save a covering of a picnic table, but luckily temperature was much more palatable.   The drive was to be long and difficult with possibilities for many things to see along the way. All tolled, we stopped by Mt Rushmore National Memorial, Devil’s Tower National Monument and ended our long day at Grand Tetons National Park.  
This was my first time seeing the Rocky Mountains and it really took my breath away.  
 We actually couldn’t secure a site within Yellowstone but noticed the people checking into the Tetons, just South of Yellowstone, also shared our New York license plate. A bit shamefully we pulled up at a scenic overlook to take pictures, find out their story…and ask if we could crash with them.  
 Thankfully they said yes and ended up being great campsite companions! Friends Sarah and Beth, Sarah was taking 5 weeks vacation between assignments with her job at the department of the interior, and Beth was lucky enough to tag along for the ride. 
We taught them a thing or two about making fires, avoiding bugs, and general camping etiquette since neither of them had camped before. We unfortunately had to both leave early the next morning and at separate times so our goodbyes were said beneath the stars that blanketed the cloud free sky. With a careful eye, one could even catch a glimpse of the Milky Way.